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      April 28th, 2016 - 12:00AM

Tampered transcripts discovered in an least three King County wrongful prosecutions.
Is this a new "legal standard" to guarantee prosecution victory in the case of appeal?
When did this happen and who is responsible?     An exposé on incestuous corruption in King County...

Altered transcripts
Above is one page of a 42-page sample from one trial given to King Co. Council.
It has over 1,256 "edits" - An average of 1.12588 alterations per line

Below is one page of three pages of audio that was first audio cut,
then erased competely.  The text in red was never transcripted (about 5 minutes of discussion)
.  It was also given to the King Co. Council.

UNINFORMED CONSENT, SEATTLE, WA - It's called "cleansing." It is a practice as old as dirt. The trick is – DON”T GET CAUGHT because if “discovered” there is no longer an accurate "record" for the prosecution to argue over.

At least, this is how it is supposed to work.  If one goes to trial and the outcome is not what the defendant wants, the US Constitution guarantees the defendant the right to appeal.  (The prosecutor can also appeal).

.In order to appeal, there has to be a bonafided record of the original trial.  The idea is to show that the original trial was flawed in some way.

But what if the original court record gets destroyed or lost?   What if they are altered from the original trial?

There is plenty of case law on this and it is abundantly clear.

A. If there is no bonafided record of the disputed trial then,

There is no bonafided record with which to argue a flawed trial appeal,

C. Which means there is no ability for appeal => it is a constitution violation.

The end result is that legally – as painful as it may be – It has to be treated as if that the original trial never existed.  So it either means a “do-over” (new trial) or a vacated case.

The King County Council oversees an $7.2 billion dollar budget over the judicial system representing over 70% of the county budget.
The fraud was brought to the entire King Co. Council's attention Feb. 24th, 2014 in a public meeting during public comment. Agenda #7 - 26:30 mins in . The King Co. Council has done nothing.


When official transcripts are found to be lost or altered, it is then up to the prosecutor to either give it up or execute a whole new prosecutionon the tax payer’s dime - which of course is somewhat problematic if the tampering benefited the prosecution, it is made public  and the tampering was caught.

The “legal buzz” tells us “this never happens”… or almost never happens but is it so uncommon?   Really?

How would the system creating the “legal buzz” know this never happens?  Do they check?

The answer to this question is a resounding NO

No one checks.  (Well almost no one)   Why?  There can only be one reason.  It is because they know what is there because they are the ones doing it.

They already know because they are the ones tampering the transcripts and court records.  And they sure don’t want anyone else to check.  “They” might get caught.  The “public” might not like that too well.

They do get caught every so often.  And those cases are the only ones that we see any evidence of tampering in.  And it is very interesting just how self-serving the judicial system appears to be when it comes to protecting their own kind. 

Many of the allegations of transcript tampering seem to claim there was no evidence that tampering took place.  However, if one is going to the trouble of making those allegations to a court, it would seem there was indeed evidence of tampering. 


Altered Transcripts


It would seem the courts are erring on the side of protecting themselves.

The bigger question is - just how many don’t get caught? How many people are incarcerated and falsely convicted of crimes they didn’t do because no one checked?

The answer to that question is that most of them don’t get caught.  And that is why it seems “uncommon.”

Where the case for vacation and new trial is fairly clear in the case of missing transcripts. In the case of existing transcripts that have been altered, the courts are very fond of protecting the “game.”

Why wouldn’t they be?    After all, they participate in the public myth that “it never happens.”   Their ability to control the transcript has saved many a judge from the embarrassment of having said something on the record that cost the taxpayers double money.  They are elected by the public after all.

There is little recourse for a judge that accidently said something on the record that would turn the case around at the Court of Appeals.  They have to do what the Court of Appeals tells them to do.

A judge error (saying something on the record that could be used at the Court of Appeals)  that successfully turns a case around is considered a kind of a blemish on that judge’s record.

Why would any judge want to give up that secret ability to “fix” the transcript?  = “Cleansing.

The reality is that judges make mistakes all the time.  They are human.  And no one wants to have blemishes on their record so they have developed control on how the record is produced. Thus they control the outcome and any violation of constitutional rights the public is entitled to.  Transcriptionists report behind the scene they are extorted into the deed or they won’t get any more work.

It is true blasphemy and an absolute conflict of interest.   And it has been going on right under the public’s noses for decades.  Even attorneys trust enough in the judicial system to buy into this “snow job.”

In any case - of lost, missing or altered transcripts, transcripts are most often only produced in the case of an appeal.  So the statistics would be extraordinarily skewed on this.

A majority of trials do not go to the Court of Appeals.  This skews the majority of the base numbers statistically from the start.

In the case of altered transcript, the fact that virtually no one checks for acuracy minimizes getting caught further.  If there is no audio of the original trial, those responsible are home free – unless;

1) Private audio was captured unbeknownst to the court and their players.

   –   OR –

   2) Two different copies of the audio (tampered audio) don’t match up to each other and/or to the transcripts.

And that is exactly what has happened in King County.  There are three such cases that fit into the above categories.

Where one of these victims met with King County Councilwoman Kathy Lambert in 2013 and reported massive fraud and tampered transcripts, there was no action taken.

Then on February 24th, 2014, eight victims of these phony prosecutions came forward to the Metropolitan King County Council’s meeting of the whole for public comment.  They brought video of Jenee Westberg on the property altering her photos and also photos of her police drug bust, passed out in the back seat of a patrol car in handcuffs.   

They exposed the fraud in public on the record on Public Access TV what they knew at the time.

The whole scam was exposed as a mortgage rescue scheme designed to steal innocent property owner’s animals and their properties. 

The veterinarian and rescue operation’s embezzlements discovered through public records was exposed, the incestuous conflicts of interest within the employed within the judicial system designed to protect the criminals who are enriching themselves preying upon innocent citizens,  as well as the falsified evidences used in the 7.2 billion dollar judicial system the King County Council sits in oversight of.

As opposed to other speakers that day, every councilperson paid full attention to this presentation.  At the end, Chair Larry Phillips referred the issue to King County Committee for Government Accountability and Oversight held by Councilman Chair Pete Von Reichbauer, Regan Dunn, and Rod Dembowski.

Link to February 24th, 2014 King County Council Video at 26:32 minutes in. http://king.granicus.com/MediaPlayer.php?view_id=4&clip_id=4632

There was no outreach by Pete von Rechbaurer’s Committee as publicly promised, so the defendants reached out to his committee on March 3rd, 2014 one week later.   Two and a half hours later committee legislative assistant, Mary Bouguignon responded saying “the committee’s plan is to address this issue with the context of overall oversight of RASKC.” 

By April 7, 2014, seven weeks later however, there was still no outreach by the committee and several meetings had passed.  So the defendants reached out again.  This time the response took 15 minutes. 

Mary Bourguignon who is the principal legislative analyst for the Government Accountability and Oversight  Committee said, “The committee will be taking up the RASKC operation plan in early June.  …The committee is not at this point engaged in any investigation of potential criminal conduct.

Two months after this presentation, there was no further outreach. Instead of acting to protect it's citizens, the entire Metropolition King County Council turned the other cheek.

King County Council Committee for Government Accountability and Oversight chaired by Pete Von Rechbaurer with King County Council members Regan Dunn and Rod Dembowski stood by and did nothing. 

All however were and are very busy using county funds to promote positive community programs to help their pet projects.  Apparently holding anyone accountable for corrupt behavior is not part of their job description much to their constituent’s surprise.

One year later, RASKC ACO Jenee Westberg was terminated for falsifying her animal control reports that year and theft of county time.  She was made a “Brady Officer.”  (Someone who cannot be trusted to tell the truth).  Her mother, Ann Westberg, executive assistant to KC Deputy Criminal Chief Dan and IT specialist for the Clerk’s office, took an early retirement.

Simultaneously King County Sheriff Deputy When Robin Cleary ("loses" the camera) was terminated by King County Sheriff Urquhart for tipping off the drug dealing, pimping his wife King County Sheriff Deputy Darrion Holiwell.

The “back story”

GPS data has now revealed that Jenee Westberg was falsifying her animal control reports as far back as 2011 and industriously .

During that same time King County concealed Jenee Westberg’s criminal career as far back as 2002.  In 2006 she pled guilty to shoplifting/bribing a police officer and in 2008 she was arrested for a spectacular19-count drug arrest that ended in a guilty plea “free pass” orchestrated by King County Deputy Prosecutor Maggie Nave.

Instead of making Westberg a “Brady Officer” in 2006 - 2008, the King County Prosecutor concealed it.

Because Jenee Westberg was the county’s primary witness in 12 active cases of phony animal abuse cases they were prosecuting at the time.

A day in the life of Regional Animal Services of King County Animal Control Officer Jenee Westberg and her "buddies" in animal control...

On just one day in the life of Jenee Westberg, April 8, 2011, GPS data documents Ms. Westberg was prolific - impacting 3 cases in one day.

She was dropping a search warrant on two innocent property owners in Black Diamond (that resulted in a dismissal because of Westberg’s “unlawful" collection of evidence), (Westberg turned her GPS-enabled-computer off during the time she was there). 

Also with Westberg at the search warrant was King County Sheriff Major Crimes Detective Robin Cleary (who also appears in many of these cases).  In a curious coincidence, Cleary was terminated and listed as a Brady Officer the very next day after Jenee Westberg was designated a Brady officer in late 2014.

Ms. Cleary was terminated for allegedly tipping off her close buddy drug addict, pimping-his-wife- buddy Darrion Holliwell, the King County Sheriff’s “arms guru” and “go to” inside the sheriff department drug dealer.

In addition to Westberg and Cleary, that day, Westberg’s supervisor, Dave Morris was also present at the search warrant.  Like Westberg, Morris turned his computer off just after logging his “activity report” pinged on his GPS enable computer at that location.

Not to be left out of the motley crew of criminals, Morris also has credibility issues.  He is a three time Loudermill employee (a process for a government employee to offer defense when being sanctioned for cause which could include termination).   To wit, Morris adopted out animals before the waiting period, he failed to check on a report where animals died as a result and he failed to feed three malamutes at the Crossroads shelter for three days (he was sanctioned six days for this one),.

Morris was never prosecuted for animal abuse yet it was documented that he broke the very laws these other people are being falsely prosecuted for.   Also Loudermill sanctioned in the Malamute event was Sgt. Chelsea Eykle.  Eykle was sanctioned 6 weeks compared to Morris’s 6 days.  She was not prosecuted either.

Eykle was an undisclosed Brady witness in the Markley/Thomas cases as was Morris and Westberg.  In fact, Morris wrote the Probable Cause – something code enforcement officers are not allowed to do.They seem to have their own version of the law over there.

After serving the search warrant on innocent property owners Darryl and Gina Lindsey earlier (that was destined to be dismissed), Westberg inexplicably detours through a group of properties 700 feet from the main road SE Green River Gorge Rd.

Three of the parcels at that location are owned by a Robert “Morris.”  Another parcel is owned by Kenneth and Jill “Eide” (last name of lawyer implicated the RICO guardianship scam to steal properties who works for the Washington State Bar Association as counsel for the disciplinary counsel). Westberg then headed back to Auburn via Roberts DR - Black Diamond.

Within 6 minutes Westberg pulls over for 7 minutes.

2 minutes later, apparently while driving, (suggesting she had it prepared in advance),  she “pings” an activity report on her GPS-enabled-computer 0.6 miles ahead of the location she was reporting (fraudulent report).

1minute later she pulls over on a remote location for 5 minutes still ahead of report location.

She then drives up and down the main road, never in visual contact with the report location, and never pulling into the side road where the property is.  She does this for a total of 19 minutes.

8 minutes later she pulls over the side of road in another remote location for 10 minutes.

11 minutes later Westberg “pings an activity report at Markley/Thomas property’s easement road apparently while driving (suggesting she had it prepared in advance) (another fraudulent report).

2 minutes later she arrives at Markley/Thomas property with the “activity report” already uploaded.

Then she went to the property owned by Markley and Thomas where she spent the next 4 – 5 hours terrorizing their family while their 4 young children hid in the house watching.

During that visit, at about 5:37PM Westberg insisted on taking Thomas in Westberg's RASKC truck with her GPS-enabled-computer to Reber Ranch to get hay after refusing to look at the four different types of hay they already had on their property.

At that very same moment, RASKC Animal Control Officer Aaron Wheatley filed a GPS pinged “activity report” 23 minutes away. For some odd reason, Wheatley was obfuscated from the list of on duty ACO’s on the GPS data.  (At this date, King County has been unable to recover his GPS work data that day).

Westberg and Thomas arrived at Reber Ranch at 6:01PM just 23 minutes from where Wheatley was 23 minutes earlier.  Westberg’s GPS-enabled-computer was turned off at 6:02PM.

Since King County has not produced Wheatley’s GPS routes that day, we cannot know where his GPS enable computer was located.Westberg and Thomas got hay and returned to the Markley/Thomas property where Westberg appeared to be having a drug induced melt-down dancing around the driveway with white saliva in her mouth frightening the family further.

While Jenee was doing this, her GPS-enabled-computer magically turned itself back on at Westberg’s home at 8:00PM.

Later while 6 people reported Westberg was acting like a crazy person in their driveway, no one believed them.

Both Jenee Westberg and Robin Cleary were deeply involved in producing phony prosecutions against innocent people.  Yet neither of them have been prosecuted.  Instead the evidence has a consistent pattern of suppression.

Jenee Westberg was involved in most of the 22 cases of phony animal abuse cases.

Where Robin Cleary was involved in a few less cases than Westberg, Cleary’s colleagues filled in where she wasn’t.   Cleary has been involved in over 3,200 prosecution cases during her career including Gary Ridgeway.  One has to wonder how many people have been wrongfully locked up on her watch.

Both Robin Cleary and Jenee Westberg are now listed as “Brady Officers” (someone who cannot be trusted to tell the truth).

Why isn’t King County reviewing over every last one of Robin and Jenee’s cases and making restitution to their victims?  We can only guess. 

But since they are not doing the right thing, they must be doing the wrong thing.

In the summer of 2015, one of the defendants, Christy Diemond reached out again to her district King County Council woman, Kathy Lambert.  Curiously, after having met with Kathy an abundant amount of times on various community service projects Diemond was working on as a community advocate over the previous 20 years and usually having an appointment within 24 hours, Kathy was not available until late September -  3 months later.

At that meeting, they met with Toby Nixon and talked with Kathy about the insidious amounts of fraud in all the cases that had been uncovered.  She seemed sympathetic and after all, she has known Ms. Diemond as community advocate, for some 20 years.  She wanted to see the altered transcripts compared with the audio.

These transcripts were given to Kathy Lambert on January 23, 2016.  Again there has been no response.  An email was sent to confirm receipt to her legislative aid Rob Christopher who confirmed receipt.

In the fall of 2015, long-term sitting Councilman Larry Phillips, someone who adored his job, announced he would not seek another term.  When asked about this issue brought before the King County Council February 24, 2014, he said he could not control what other councilpersons did.

When did the King County Prosecutor’s Office take over the citizen’s constitutional rights and who is responsible?

The following are the actual altered transcripts and audio that were given to King County Councilwoman Kathy Lambert:

Case #1 (Case #2 and # 3 below)

    1.12588 In the first case there was no court audio at the time of trial (suggesting that having no audio was intentional so premeditation is present).  The transcripts were so altered (above) it is clear whoever it was that was responsible, were very confident they were free to make whatever “edits” they desired.

The alterations were so profuse and profound; the corrections take up most of the white background of double-spaced, 25-line pleading paper.  In fact, it is so profound it is absurd to attempt to dispute that this could be considered an actual record of the original trial.   It is, in fact, an alternate reality that never happened.

With no audio, those responsible could be rest-assured that there is no proof of the alterations even if the harmed party doesn’t remember it that way, I.E., no proof that the transcripts have been tampered with.

The problem is, unbeknownst to those those orchestrating the “fix” - in this case - there was private audio recorded.  

Sample swaths of this trial transcript were taken and compared to the private audio.  The results were demonstratively spectacular.

Every alteration was identified and corrected over the top of a copy of the original document (See photo left).  There were 1,1256 alterations from the audio in only 42 pages-averaging 1.12588 “edits” per line. 

Mathematically this equals a 122% altered transcript.   It is now a qualified fictional “script.”   In those “edits” there are 122 edits of significance to support the s. 

prosecution’s phony case.  And that is just in 42 pages.

There were words omitted.  There were words added.  There were entire sentences added and omitted, amounts changed, positive changed to negatives (vice versa), large sections left out (that the transcription states was “off the record”) when there was no such court direction in the audio.  People were added who didn’t exist.  It became a true fictional farce of a piece.

What it was not - was a true record of the trial.

Clearly the “official trial transcript” did not represent the events as occurred.  Now it is instead representing an alternate universe that did not exist before.  It even documents the inclusion of a “son” the defendant does not have.

Since every single alteration benefits only one side, it is apparent who was responsible – The King County Prosecutor’s Office.

When the transcript tampering was first discovered, it was prior to sentencing while the defendant was trying to get the court – Judge Jim Rogers (former King County Prosecutor) - to grant a new trial based on other acts of fraud.  Those were;

        1) All the digital images has the date/times either tampered with to show a different date or the metadata was completely "scrubbed".

        2) Hard copied photos used as exhibits at trial were “air-brushed,”

        3) There was even a shed admitted into evidence (Exhibit 11 that does not exist on the property. The DOT 30' cement sound barrier had been "air-brushed" out (visible on the digital images secured after trial).

       4) The King County Sheriff Deputy Robin Cleary falsified her police reports, committed perjury and falsified the photos she took as evidenced by a photo expert report, (Robin Cleary has been since terminated and placed on the “Brady list” of officers who cannot be relied upon to tell the truth),

        5) The prosecutor, King County Deputy Maggie Nave concealed the conviction record and secret investigation of one of her prime witnesses, Regional Animal Services of King County Animal Control Officer Jenee Westberg (who has since been terminated for falsifying her animal control reports and placed on the “Brady list”).  This is called a “Brady” violation.  Each on its own it is grounds for a new trial.   https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brady_disclosure

        6) The post trial defense counsel, Ramona Brandes, knowingly put the altered transcripts into the Superior Court record amidst a heated email demand from her client to retract (who had just discovered it) while she also refused to put the photo expert in the record that demonstrated the fraud..

Despite this, all these documented acts of fraud were put in the court record by the defendant herself prior to sentencing, yet King County Superior Court Judge Jim Rogers refused to look at it and failed to grant a new trial.

In fact, in Judge Jim Roger’s ruling, he based his decision on accumulative witnesses (all who have been since exposed for fraud,, perjury and embezzlement) and the "testimony of a neighbor." Except...

Unfortunately for Judge Jim Roger's credibility, there was no neighbor who testified.

The case went to the Court of Appeals along with the fraudulent digital images, the freshly “air-brushed” new hard copied prints not what was shown to the jury at trial (yes someone actually reprinted the exhibits.  Not too surprisingly, the KC Prosecutor’s office checked out the exhibit for four days before submitting their COA brief) along with the tampered transcripts.

When exhibits and transcripts are sent to the COA they are called “Clerk’s Papers.”  When the Clerk’s Papers in this case arrived at the COA, the evidence of the defendant’s submission of fraud documents that were filed with the lower Superior Court prior to sentencing were  all curiously missing.

When this was discovered, there was about six weeks to the COA deadline and since taxpayer funded Washington Appellate Project appellate defense counsels David Donavon and Tom Kummerow refused to act upon the fraud so the defendant had to expedite it pro se.

The COA panel, Judges Michael Spearman, Ronald Cox and Michael Tricky unanimously signed an opinion denying the appeal. 

On page 10 of that opinion, there was a footnote stating that the “supplemental clerk’s papers” and other documents submitted thereafter are untimely and were not considered by this court.”  With one stroke of the pen, none of the evidence of fraud was considered by the Court of Appeals.  Could they have?  Absolutely.  (See COA Opinion https://www.courts.wa.gov/opinions/pdf/711253.pdf )

Judge Michael Spearman should have recused himself due to the fact that his wife, then King County District Court Judge Mariane Spearman was the judge who presided over RASKC ACO Jenee Westberg’s 19-County drug arrest and Jenee’s guilty plea.

This was a massive Brady Violation on Ms. Nave’s part and rises to Federal Racketeering crimes of obstruction of justice violations.

It would be discovered later that not only did Ms. Nave fail to disclose Jenee Westberg’s background under the justification that she didn’t know about it (she has an obligation to know regardless)  Ms. Nave was the lead prosecutor who prosecuted Ms. Westberg for the 19-count drug arrest Jenee Westberg plead guilty to.

Ms. Nave also failed to disclose that she worked with Jenee’s mother Ann Westberg in the King County Prosecutor’s Office.  Ann Westberg was (now retired early at the same time her daughter Jenee was being terminated).  Ann Westberg the personal assistant of King County Deputy Criminal Chief Dan Clark.

KCPA Chief Dan Clark “spearheaded” the formation of the King County Council’s “Brady Committee” in 2007.  This committee, according to its Brady Comm Policy Paper.has been the chair of the King County “Brady Committee” since 2007 and supervises the current “IT” conversion of court records to digital.  This is a project that consisted of a group of employees of whom King County invested training in Ann Westberg in recent times before her retirement.

The Brady Committee is where it is determined who is going to be on the “Brady List” of officers who cannot be relied upon to tell the truth under oath.

Mr. Clark also supervises the current “IT” conversion of court records to digital.  This is a project that consisted of a group of employees of whom King County invested training in.  Mr. Clark included his personal assistant, Ann Westberg in that investment who is Jenee Westberg’s mother, just a few years before Ann’s early retirement right around the time of Jenee’s termination for fraudulent animal control reports and theft of county time.

To say that Ann Westberg had a slight conflict of interest here is a gross understatement.  She had the ability to conceal her daughter’s records for years while helping her boss, Dan Clark, run the very committee (Brady Committee) who designates who is a Brady Cop.

Jenee Busted
And sure enough, the committee was formed in 2007 while Jenee was busted for shoplifting and bribing a police officer in the City of Kent and then in 2008 where Jenee was busted for a 19-count VUSCA (drugs) arrest in the City of Black Diamond.

Why didn’t Jenee get put on the Brady list?  The fact that there were 12 active phony animal cruelty prosecutions in the hopper while Jenee was the primary witness in all of them may have had something to do with it.

RASKC ACO Jenee Westberg and KCSO Robin Cleary had been committing fraud for many years before being put on the Brady List in late 2014.  During that time both had been used in a majority of falsified animal abuse cases There are 22 found so far in King County. 

When Jenee Westberg was busted for drugs in 2008 and busted for shoplifting and bribery in 2007, she failed to make the Brady List when according to the Brady Committee Policy  she well should have an instant member.  But she wasn’t. 

Since Jenee’s mother was Dan Clark’s personal assistant, it is not credible claim that Jenee Westberg’s criminal career was unknown to Mr. Clark and/or the Brady Committee.  In fact the secret “investigation” was concealed until recently.

It appears all of Jenee Westberg’s cases were falsified against innocent people. Only the defendants who did not plea bargain and went to trial produced altered transcripts and these are those examples.

In these cases, all the transcripts were blatantly altered.  While there was no court audio in the first case there was private audio - t
he court audio in the second case was altered in the simultaneous trial of two defendants.


In Case # 1 Judge Jim Rogers personally worked with Ms. Maggie Nave, Ann Westberg, Jenee Westberg all prior to taking the bench.  If he had been an honest judge, he would have immediately recused himself.  Not only did he fail to recuse himself, he failed to disclose any conflicts of interest with the prosecutor and her “witnesses.”

Cases #2 and #3

Audio and Transciprt alterations

In the second example, [link] it was a simultaneous trial with two defendants, husband and wife.  There WAS court audio taken in those two cases.  The defendants were able to secure a copy of the court trial audio a few months after trial.  Interestingly, it took several weeks for the court clerk to locate a 8-day trial audio.   Then a year later, another copy of the same court trial audio was ordered in preparation for appeal.  That is where the trouble began.

These audios were from the same source and done with an FTP Recorder time stamp through the court audio recorder.  It is called FTP Gold.  The two versions should be exactly the same.  But, they weren’t.

It is easy to find the “cuts” by simply placing the tracks on top of each other on tracks and listening for echoes.  Echoes indicate where the two versions are cut due to a piece being cut out in one of the versions.

In this case, it appears there were already cuts done in the first set of audio when it was copied.  Suggesting that the audio “editing” was already in process at the time of the first audio production.  A year later, in the second set of audios, the “editing” got worse and more identifiable.

As the examination went to the companion court transcripts, it became clear that whoever preformed the “editing” was listening to the audio, cutting and “editing” the transcriptions at the same time suggesting this one was done by a transcriptionist. 

There can be no doubt the record was “cleansed.” Dialogue was added to make the witnesses should more consistent,

negatives were changed to positives and visa versa, facts were changed, many-many dialogues were omittedn their entirety while dialogue appeared on the transcripts that is not on either audio.

And that is where, given the court records and transcripts in three trials, the judicial system is able to manipulate the destinies of twenty-two phony prosecutions while stealing their animals, their assets and their properties.

Out of 22 phony cases, 5 people fought back (22%).  2 were dismissed (>10%).  There were several unexplained deaths (27%).  All had health issues resembling flu-like symptoms (like heavy metal poisoning) that coincidently appeared around the time of their events save two -a couple - (90%). Most of the rest succumbed to a plea deal or an incomplete trial because of health issues. 

In Glennville, GA Roy Lewis McKinney’s attorneys in 2007 was trying to get copies of his transcript for an appeal in his murder conviction.  For two years the retired court reporter still had not produced her notes or a transcript.  In 2009 he was granted a new trial.

No record means no ability to appeal. No ability to appeal is a flat-out constitutional violation of the 14th amendment.

 What is supposed to happen at this point?

or…. Oh my Gawd…heaven forbid… altered ???   All of these things result in the same thing.  No ability to appeal.  One has to have an actual real court record to show the appellate court in order to demonstrate the trial court went off the rails,  right?

Is King County doing that? No. They apparently follow a different drummer... er.. their own rules. To Hell with laws and the US Constitution.

King County is doing everything and anything possible NOT to address this issue. This can only mean one thing...

They already knew...



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Below are the photos used in the Markley trial as the "After" horse.
This is not "Alex" the original horse.


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