Mission Statement:  The Right to Know...

We are concerned individuals dedicated to bring factual research and information to the consumer public in an objective presentation. This is what is known as “Informed Consent”.

This organization was founded by a grassroots movement. UnInformed Consent intends to be a voice and information delivery system for the unspoken larger consumer public. 





Donald E McGaffin
July 23, 1926 – May 29, 2005

mc•gaf•fin•ize (mĭc gă’ fĭn īz)
v., -ized, -iz•ing, -iz•es.
In investigative journalism a trade term
meaning the application of ethics, facts and truth in a news piece done in a simple but skillful manner by a master journalist. Full definition




Current Projects

Project Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow

The future of history archiving - a unique new development that involves the whole community... and a time machine. (more)

Project Green Our Vaccines Rally Video Coverage

In the true spirit of our mission statement - "The Right to Know..." - This historic event was edited using raw footage including the actual music recorded during the event for texture. Throughout the piece the murmur of the crowds can be heard as testimony to the sheer thousands from around the world who found their way to our Nation's Capital in hopes to voice for the millions too sick to attend.

Moments captured during the event as well as event speakers are folded into march footage of the some 8500 people marching to the Capital steps to give the viewer the ambience of real-time participation - footages usually never broadcasted for the general public view.

Look for the captured footage of the entire length of marchers as they walked by our cameras from the beginning at the Washington Monument to the Capital speaks to the absolute outrageousness of how this entire became a reality to the American people.

Documentary "What Have We Done to Our Children?"

This documentary delivers compelling comment on the historic events that created the ADHD/Autism epidemic in our nation today and our government health agency role. In order to be a good advocate or just an informed consumer this film is a must for anyone interested in getting education quickly.

We are currently accepting donations and seeking partnership on this film for its completion.

  To view excerpts from the documentary, click on the images/links below. For additional information click here.  
  “Smoking Trooth”
  “The BioSolids Event" (3 mins.)
  “Content in Mercury, A Slow Death” (6 mins.)
  "What Really Happened At the IOM"
To view streaming video, the free RealPlayer download is needed
  Attention Healthcare Providers! We are working on an online searchable database for healthcare providers/dentists \who have taken the time... read more  
"What Have We Done To Our Children?"
"Nuclear Towns - Nuclear People..."
"Insurance Fraud - Public Sector Scam Artists or Your Own Insurance Company?"
University of Health
US National Academy of Sciences
Talk Radio 710 KCMO
The National Academies Press
Institute of Medicine
Autism A.L.A.R.M
Click here to go to a listing of Radio Talk Show Downloads. Tune in and find you’re not the only one.
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