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June 3rd, 2017

Have you ever wondered how dangerous mercury dental amalgams really are? (Yes those silver/black fillings over 75% of American still have this neurotoxin in their mouths while they wonder why they are sick).

"Mercury, A Slow Death"will give answers to these questions in a very compelling way.

The original film has been updated and by streaming here, it can continually be updated as new information comes up.

This story has the whole enchilada. So why would "they" allow humanity to be poisoned in this way?

The question will come down to who is responsible and how to fix it. You decide.

This is what happened then and continues to happen now. It is inexcusable and incestuous corruption. Why hasn't something been done?

We can slow this one down by refusing to purchase them.

Help us continue our quest by watching. We have a lot more coming. Formally only available on DVD, it is now launched online for PPV streaming.
(PPV is our only support)


UNINFORMED CONSENT, SEATTLE, WA - UnInformed Consent produced this documentary in 2002. It has enjoyed the attention of 450 US Congressmen which included the current Governor of Washington State,

The film was employed in US Congress as a companion to a bill to ban the use of mercury amalgam ("silver fillings") in dentistry.

It has run on public TV for many months at a time and has enjoyed ongoing sales in DVD format.

Now it is time for on-demand delivery. Your Pay-Per-Views will help us support continuing work in bringing the truth to our grass roots communities and more footage of what has really been going on concealed from the public.

This film was not without direct attacks.

The famous "smoking trooth" teaser showing the vaporization of mercury vapor from a 50-year old amalgam filling is continually being sabotaged online even now. (See the clip upper right corner).

The original "Smoking Trooth" had over 100,000 views by 2006. When Google's purchase of YouTube occurred suddenly those view mysteriously disappeared.

Google was not responsive to inquiries. Only recently, with the implosion and exposure of those trying to control the narrative in the press, do we really understand.

This is really a no brainer. Mercury is a powerful neurotoxin. In dentistry it is implanted right next to the brain while from the mouth it has access to virtually every other area of the body.

After three years of regularly lobbying then US Washington State Congressman, Jay Inslee to sign the bill, he failed to do so. Jay Inslee is now the governor of Washington State. He continues to make questionable decisions under the guise constituents that is in reality for corpulent consumption "friends.".

At the time, 2002, most of us attempted to be polite and took the position that it was a mistake and once exposed, we all could work together to correct it.

But that did not happen. It is clear now; it was part of the overall plan. It's intentional. The same delivery system occurs in vaccines while the CDC and FDA deny the truth.

More and more marketing money was spent on mis-information confirming its safety - bald-faced lie. Make no mistake; It is not "safe."

Those individuals with credible presentations were sabotaged. It was so consistent that it was almost mechanical like one would assume artificial intelligence might be.

During the time of the 5-year investigation into mercury amalgam and vaccines by the Committee for Government Reform, an unusual amount of credible people met untimely deaths. .

Since, many others advocating the discontinuation of these unsafe practices also met untimely deaths.

It has been 15 years. Very little has changed. The use of mercury amalgams continues. There has been a drop in placement, but only because some of the more educated consumer market have refused to go to dentists who still practice with mercury amalgam.

Washington State implemented a mercury clean-up ban to keep dental office sourced mercury particulates from going into municipality bio-solids systems. It happened because of this film. Yet it is still legal to place in the human mouth.

No one has banned the use of mercury amalgam in dental offices. There is still a tsunami of dentists and dental hygienists suffering horrendous health issues because of their direct exposures.

At this point, there can be no other answer.

Inaction equals intentional.

Why? You decide. This film will help you become informed.

They came for us too.

- Those of us who fight the good fight at UnInformed Consent.


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