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Congressional Investigators Barred From Reviewing CDC Records After Issuing Uncomplimentary Report To Nat’l Academy of Sciences
March 18, 2004

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UNINFORMED CONSENT, SEATTLE, WA – Just three days after the US National Academy of Sciences, (NAS), Immunization Safety Review Committee, (ISRC), heard testimony from Congressional Investigators on mercury levels in vaccines/dental amalgam and links to epidemic levels of autism, the CDC’s Acting Assoc. Director For Science, Jeanne Santoli, MD, alleged the CDC, “has received reports”…(sic) of “potential breaches in confidentiality” by investigators commissioned by Congress.

The Congressional Investigators are charged with researching claims the CDC has withheld vital safety information that may have resulted in dangerous exposures to the powerful neurotoxin, mercury. Fear that failure to act may have maimed an entire generation of children was the primary focus of the US Nat’l Academy of Science’s hearing of a day’s worth of experts. See CDC/Geier letters

Santoli’s allegations were the subject of a letter, addressed to Leigh Pruneau, PhD RN of Northern CA Kaiser, a large HMO in California, that claimed the researchers conducted “unapproved analyses” on their datasets and “could have increased the risk of a confidentiality breach.”

In a second letter dated February 25th to Mark Geier MD and Principal Congressional Investigator, Pruneau responded, “On February 19, 2004, the Kaiser Permanente Northern California LKPNC) Institutional Review Board, IRB, suspended your research project”…(sic) “you and your co-investigator are prohibited, until notified otherwise, from accessing VSD data…”

Whether the CDC, (Centers for Disease Control), (and a fraternity of other government agencies charged with public safety oversight of pharmaceuticals and medical practices), have acted in the best interests of pharmaceutical cartels, instead of the public, has been the focal point of an ongoing attempt by Congress and the Senate to extract independent analysis from the CDC and other governmental agencies. The lawmakers have been forced to employ more and more aggressive measures to the point of making numerous direct phone calls from the congressmen themselves to direct the gatekeepers of CDC/VAERS facilities while investigators wait outside. Despite an official congressional investigation, it was these measures that finally precipitated the first of two accesses in the fall of 2003.

At the February 9th NAS hearing an irascible US Congressman Dave Weldon, (R-FL), a physician, and a member of the Committee for Government Reform, chastised the CDC’s lack of cooperation over the past two years since the investigators were first commissioned by Congress. Weldon stated the CDC have “erected excessive barriers and have imposed severe limits on access to this data” to researchers and others in congressional investigations over the past two years, See video of Weldon, Text of Weldon address

Geier is a physician, board certified geneticist and vaccine researcher. Geier has published in over 30 different peer-reviewed publications and is a well-respected vaccine expert. In Geier’s own statement to the ISR Committee he lamented: “I must say I’m a little bit embarrassed to stand here and listen to Verstraeten’s work being presented after what they said at Simpsonwood,” (referring to an ad hoc meeting at the Simpsonwood Meeting Center in Atlanta in 2000 discussing what to do about Verstraeten’s original and alarming findings). “ This is NOT a scientific issue. This is about as proven issue as we’re ever going to see… What’s occurring here is a cover-up under the guise of protecting the vaccine program.” See video clips of experts and disclosures. Geier is only one of a growing international group of scientists speaking out on the behaviors of these agencies.

ISRC hearing seemed to reflect many similar concerns as Dr. Boyd Haley, PhD, Chemistry Chair at the University of Kentucky stated he was “baffled how there can be such different results from people using the same database,” To which one ISR Committee member retorted, “Are you implying the epidemiologists lied?” Haley responded, “I’m implying that some epidemiologists lied, yes.” See video clips of experts and disclosures.


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