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June 3, 2004

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UNINFORMED CONSENT, WASHINGTON DC – In a heated and continuing controversy, united members of Congress flanked by scientists who presented evidence to the National Institute of Medicine denounced the IOM’s recent report as heavily biased and based on flawed research. Congresspersons Burton, Weldon and Watson were present as well as scientists Dr. Mark Geier, Dr. Boyd Haley, Dr. Rashid Buttar and others in a flowing group of critics and mainstream media.

The IOM’s report was released several weeks early according to sources in the Institute. Coincidently the report seems to coincide with important litigation scheduled soon with thousands of families who have been forced to seek compensation for their autistic children in court through the government Vaccine Compensation Program. The IOM report was heavily covered in mainstream media and placed with professional fanfare.

The Institute’s report used two studies from the February hearing evidently discounting the some other 200 studies presented by some of the finest scientific pools in the world. Many scientists and critics alike are outraged and condemn the IOM report as not only flawed but also riddled with conflicts of interest.

Last month in the face of angry parents, shocked scientists and a scathing congressional report from a 3-year investigation stating otherwise, Chairperson Dr. Marie McCormick issued the latest report from the Institute of Medicine’s Immunization Safety Review Committee (ISRC) from a daylong hearing held February 9, 2004. The report as stated by IOM Committee Chair, Marie McCormick, “The overwhelming evidence from several well-designed studies indicates that childhood vaccines are not associated with autism.” See NAS statement.

Dr. Marie McCormick, MD, ScD is an expert in child and mother health at the Harvard School of Public Health and chairs the IOM vaccine safety committee. According to an article in Reuters, she has denied being biased and noted the panel was not paid and had no ties to vaccine makers or to the government.

A review of funding for the Harvard School of Public Health would seem to cast some doubt on McCormick’s claims. Through Harvard’s 2003 Annual Financial Report it states the “Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) continues to be Harvard’s primary source of funding, mainly through the National Institutes of Health (NIH). NIH funding increased by $13.9 million in FY03 raising total DHHS funding to $319.7 million (77.5% of federal funding).” See AFR.

The FDA, CDC and National Institutes of Health continue to be under fire for their incestual practices of taking money in the form of consulting contracts and prizes from pharmaceutical companies, and a little known legal loophole that permits the NIH to boost scientists’ salaries far above other senior federal employees. See coverage Kansas City Star.

The deafening outrage from lawmakers, the public sector as well scientists is beginning erode these institutions that were once considered sacred. The NIH is known in investment circles as part of the ‘Beltway Bandits” for being first in line to consume governmental funding, where the CDC and FDA have become a revolving door of personnel between large pharma and prestigious positions within those agencies. Investigations continue in the House and Senate.


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