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Experts Warn Officials- Massive Mercury Exposure in Vaccines/Amalgam Fillings Linked To Epidemic Levels of Autism, Neurological Disease. Allege Conflicts of Interest - Enormous Cover-up.
Monday, March 15, 2004 12:00AM

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UNINFORMED CONSENT, WA DC – Hot accusations of whom to blame swam amongst rumors that the US National Academy of Sciences nearly canceled their hearing because of threats. NAS staff carefully heeled media cameramen and a daylong pressure cooker of expert testimony began.

The Immunization Safety Review Committee, (ISRC), for the National Institute of Medicine, (NOM), under the US National Academy of Sciences, (NAS), heard testimony from 15 experts in a day long “Safety Review” on mercury levels in vaccines/dental amalgam and links to epidemic levels of autism.

Whether the CDC, (Centers for Disease Control), (and a fraternity of other government agencies charged with public safety oversight of pharmaceuticals and medical practices), have acted in the best interests of pharmaceutical cartels instead of the public is at the core.

This was the ninth and the latest in a series of hearings that began in January of 2001 on vaccine safety. Although in July of 2001, the ISRC called for the, “removal of thimerosal from vaccines as a precautionary step in the effort to minimize children’s exposure to mercury”, no action has been taken to heed their recommendation.
See recommendation

Fears that failure to act may have maimed an entire generation of children was clearly the primarily focus on the minds of most throughout the hearing.

While opening remarks from the IRSC Chair, Dr. Marie McCormick, defended the committee’s knowledge and commitment by showing the audience a 6 inch binder of collected data stating the information was “copied on both sides and that the committee has read them. Believe me, they have read them.”
See video of McCormick, an irascible US Congressman Dave Weldon, (R-FL), also a physician, chastised the CDC’s lack of cooperation. Weldon stated the CDC have “erected excessive barriers and have imposed severe limits on access to this data” to researchers and others in congressional investigations over the past two years. See video of Weldon, Text of Weldon address.

The audience consisted of a virtual plethora of powerful interests, included media, journalists, world acclaimed experts, congressional representatives, representatives of the FDA, CDC, NIH, ADA, corporate pharmaceutical executives, a diverse infusion of the dental community and parents of autistic children, some of them physicians themselves.

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Many of the presentations were of peer-reviewed studies presented by their own authors. Each were required to disclose any possible conflicts of interest in the way of outside funding that might be interpreted as influencing the outcome of their research and reflect on their credibility.
See video clips of each expert and disclosures

Commonly connected were experts who had no conflicts of interest, all visibly shaken that current practices have exposed an entire generation to a dangerous level of the powerful neurotoxin mercury without consideration of the bio accumulative consequences. Some even chastised themselves for their own failure to act sooner when waves of parents of autistic children begged them to listen.
See video clips of each expert and disclosures

One expert, Dr. Marc Geier, a physician, board certified geneticist and vaccine researcher, has been doing research for over 30 years. Geier has published in over 30 different peer-reviewed publications has been investigating vaccine safety, including the CDC’s own Vaccine Adverse Effects Reporting System, (VAERS), for Congress. Geier told the committee, “This society is going to be in big trouble – we cannot have a whole generation of people damaged the way this is happening.” Geier went on to say vaccine manufacturers have begun to mislabel vaccines so that the thimerosal cannot be tracked. “I must say I’m a little bit embarrassed to stand here and listen to Verstraeten’s work being presented after what they said at Simpsonwood,” (referring to an ad hoc meeting at the Simpsonwood Meeting Center in Atlanta in 2000 discussing what to do about Verstraeten’s original and alarming findings). “ This is NOT a scientific issue. This is about as proven issue as we’re ever going to see… What’s occurring here is a cover-up under the guise of protecting the vaccine program.”

After discussing various studies and presenting some compelling studies of his own, Dr. Boyd Haley, PhD, Chemistry Chair at the University of Kentucky stated he was “baffled how there can be such different results from people using the same database,” To which one IRS committee member retorted, “Are you implying the epidemiologists lied?” Haley responded, “I’m implying that some epidemiologists lied, yes.”

Only four of six of those with succinct conflicts of interest with funding from pharmaceutical interests could represent that they found no problem with the powerful additive, mercury. The remaining two had unclear but likely conflicts of interests and rescinded an opinion.
See video clips and stats of experts and disclosures


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