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Mike Murphy KCMO 710 Talk Radio - Wednesday June 16, 9AM - 11AM CST Why did the IOM Report Stun Scientists and Parents?
Wednesday, June 16, 2004 12:00AM

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UNINFORMED CONSENT, WA DC – In the face of angry parents, shocked scientists and a scathing congressional report from a 3-year investigation stating otherwise, Chairperson Dr. Marie McCormick issued the latest report from the Institute of Medicine’s Immunization Safety Review Committee (ISRC) from a daylong hearing held February 9, 2004. The report as stated by IOM Committee Chair, Marie McCormick, “The overwhelming evidence from several well-designed studies indicates that childhood vaccines are not associated with autism.” See NAS statement

The Institute of Medicine, (IOM) (under the US National Academy of Sciences) heard testimony from 15 experts in a day long “Safety Review” on thimerosal (mercury) levels in vaccines and mercury in dental amalgam that are linked to epidemic levels of autism. See complete coverage of IOM Committee hearing

Whether the CDC, (Centers for Disease Control), (and a fraternity of other government agencies charged with public safety oversight of pharmaceuticals and medical practices), have acted in the best interests of pharmaceutical cartels instead of the public has been the heartbeat of the investigation.

Mike will be talking with UnInformed Consent’s Christy Diemond, executive producer and investigative journalist who was in attendance at the infamous IOM review meeting. The talk line is: (816) 576-7710.

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